11 Oct 2016

Our First Kiss

Is to me was and still is very much a fairytale night. If I think back about just how smooth he was, knowing or unknowing, I just love him even more for this night.

Again it was a night after work maybe before Christmas where E again waited for me to finish work, when we decided to have a swim in the ocean. I might have gone to work in my bikini top but I do recall I swam in my underwear bottoms (sorry mum) , not a 100% sure about what I wore on top. Oh wait I remember now, I wore E's shirt because mine had pee on form the change room, which was also a bathroom and someone peed on the floor so my shirt got soaked when I got changed (we both still those shirts)

It must have been a early finsihing that night because I was comfortable about still being home at a usual time. At that stage I was taking a taxi home because it was a fair drive to and from home, for my parents to keep picking me up every night. 

It was only E and me at Hillarys Boat Harbour on a clear night with a full moon. I remember that we we kinda just walkin in the water as it was all so calm and shallow, untill you reach the rocks. I remember that I didn't want to get his shirt wet so I kept standing on the rock and commenting on how beautifull the night was and how amazing it was to have a beautifull full moon. When I lost my balance and I slipped, now this is where it gets fairytale like or in my slow motion mind of a young teenager. 

Loosing my balance and was just about to fall into the water, E caught me and in the same motion of helping me back up onto the rock he kissed me. The kind of kiss from a movie moment, the kind of slow motiom pan and some love song playing in the back ground moment where everything just falls in place. 

That was our first kiss and a memerable one.

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