18 Oct 2016

Dear October | 18

Dear October, Well I came across some questions for my fridge and thought I would share it with you!

How old is your fridge?
Our fridge is 1

What is on your fridge?
Appointment dates, photos, cards, Shopping lists and drawings.

Open Fridge What is the first thing you think about it?
Usually, when I open a fridge I am looking for something in side so don’t really thinnk about anything other than “Where is the milk?’ or “Orange juice”

Grab a item *EYE CLOSED* and think about the future:
Grabbed film - Capturing the future and the exiting things ahead.  

How do you relate to content of your fridge?
A lot of condiments - I like to make things extra special - add a little bit extra “sauce” for excitement or surprise. 

If your fridge grant you a wish what will it be?
Endless experience.

Favourite memory with fridge?
Always having Cake in it **If I bake it**

Do you trust the fridge? 
sometimes but sharing the fridge with the husband the fridge may be on his side and i miss out on that left overs i have been thinking about all day. 

Would you change anything in your fridge?
I would like extra freezer space.

What would you put in your fridge never to be release again?
Does that mean I will always see it there? Home made chocolate cake.

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