30 Oct 2016

The Art of Racing in The Rain

Not long ago I mentioned I have two favourite books that I always would recommend as a 'must have' or 'must read'. 

The first being The 5 People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom my other book is The Art Of Racing In the Rain by Gather Stein.

Just like the previous one I originally read it 10years ago and decided to read it again because well why not, it is my favourite anyway. I remember the story and how it made me feel but the small details that made the story up is what I want to remember and gobble it up just sit in it. I love this story so much and I have never come across any story that is told this way, the whole story is told from a dogs perspective, I know right how amazing is that. 

Its tells you about how he is adopted into a family and how he tries to figure out what people wanted from him and how people are figuring out life. Don't you often think about how your dog might be looking at you and what they are thinking, well this book is for you. 

This story hi lighted the unlimited amount of love dog give and how much we share with them, whether it's intentionally or just forget they are there! 

Just read it will you. 

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