4 Oct 2016

Our First Few Weeks

I want this to be a place of looking back and a online diary place of reflecting and seeing where we have been and how far we have come. 

Now let me take you back to the first days, weeks or months of our start. I can't recall the exact date but I know it was somewhere in November 2007 when everything really started to happen but lets first start at the beginning.

E and I woked together at a resturant at Hillarys Boat Harbour called Portofinos. I had the glamourse job of doing the dishes and have only been in Australia a few months when starting there. E was working as waitstaff when I first started but later started working in the kitchen in the hope of starting as an apprentise chef (Yes, I am sure I have told you he is a chef and feeds me well).

As the wait staff use to bring the dirty dishes to the sucllery he would always tell me jokes or comment (in a kind way) on things, any excus to talk to me. Honestly at my young 16 years I didn't then realised he may have liked me and that is why. I mean he is a nice person many people would makes jokes and talk to me so never thought to much of it. 
Saying this I did work with a friend of mine who has said to me that she liked/crushed on E so I never thought about anything more than friendship/work relationship because of that. 

Untill one our starting point - one night late......

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