10 Oct 2016

Dear October | 10

I have been thinking about some things lately, I find myself amazed about how different each and everyone sees the world.

Think about it, because we are all brought up differently, live in different circumstances and experience think through their own culture we are different.

Today it stopped me in my tracks on how amazing it is to be different. I love that I can say I have been brought up in a world where my parent could not 'give' me every little think I ever asked for because it has made me who I am today!

I am sure you can think about something in your past that has made you a better person today, and you know what you can only become better. We all learn thru our daily out mistakes and experiences, we listen to others and understand why they are the way they are.

To me that is the best part about our world, a world where we a free to voice our opinions and then also have he ability to listen to theirs and understand why they they choose this or that etc.

It was my thought today I felt like sharing with you.

Photo edit by Dan Kam

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