9 Oct 2016

The Time I Lied

After that very late night talking about each and everything that came to mind, we found our selfs talking more often after work that week. I slowly noticed I might have feelings for E. Saying this I'd like to say that E actually was dating someone else at this time.

Now not to stand up for him or defent his wrong doing, but being in the future and have the ability to look back, he says that relationship he was in at the time was not healthy and he had trouble finding the strength to get out due to some things being said and as he suspects she was cheating on him. Either way we can't change it but I would like to add that before things got officaly with us and they did break up. 

Back to that week after our late night. There was a night were my mum picked me up and we took E home as he stayed back with me untill I finished work. That night like all nights we signed in on MSN and we talked untill he informed me he forgot his phone in our car. So we arranged to meet up the next day in the city, a day we both had off from work, I recall we arranged to meet eary so if we choose to leave we both could still had a day of relaxing ahead. 

We didnt't stay online long that night because we knew we would have to be up early and needed to get some sleep at least. So we arranged the place we have to meet and what time.
Place: Forrest place infront of the Christmas tree (so this puts us in early December 2007) 
Time: 8:30am
Very early indeed. 

I remember getting up early and started to panic beacuse I know I had feelings for him and he was taken, so not available. So I started to worry about being alone with him all day in the city. Now remeber I have his phone and I can't rearrange a later time. So I just didn't tell him and only left for the city at 9:30am and at that stage I lived 45mins drive from the city and many about 60mins if the public transport was on time. So I made him wait...

I do rember he called me from a pay phone to ask me if I was ok. I then lied and said I slep in. That night I on MSN I told him I might have some feelings for him. 

I have only told him since that I lied but only the year we got engaged. Really because I previously have forgotten and we were only recalling our earlier days and reflecting how far we came. He still can't believe I lied to him and made him wait 2 hours.


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