13 Oct 2016

It Doesn't Work That Way

The ongoing joke in our family and it all started late december. By then we were officaily, he has called me his girlfriend and we have been going to placed together, while people at work didn't know yet.

This was maybe a few days before new years and I got premission by my parents to stay out later but had to be home by 2am at the latest. So E and I stayed on the beach like we have previously. This night we didn't swim and we were just laying on the beach looking at the starts and talking. Thinking back I don't remember if we actually did fall asleep like I told my parents (sorry mum, dad for lying) or if we ended up finishing late and did't have much time to spend together but what I do remember is that of all night my phone was on silent. 

After falling asleep or time just passising fast I looked at my phone and had going on 15 missed calls from mum and dad. Obviously they thought the worse and by the time I called them to say I am alive and nothing has happend, they have checked my bank account number and my father was on his way to look for me work. Mum just warned me he wasn't happy. So naturally I told E and in the same breath told him my dads english wasn't the best. My dad stopped at work and I walked to the car and appoligied and said we fell alseep. E also appoligies and said it was his fault he should have kept a eye on the time and made sure I was home by the time they wanted me home. All I remember my dad saying was "It doesn't work that way".

E walked home that night - by choice my dad did offer him a ride home. 

I do remember that that night wanting to tell E I love him that night. I know, I know you might think "Chante' its what only been like a month and a bit sice things have been official and you already think you love him - young nieve teenagers'. I have agreed it it wasn't me but I actually did love him and well didn't end up telling him that night.

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