21 Dec 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 25

This week has been an interesting one.... I was approached by the manager in housekeeping and asked if I wanted to be full time.

This surprised me as they know that E and I are traveling and will be leaving in the near by future. I as flattered but confused at the same time. There are girls that has been working here for much longer that I have and they weren't offered anything.

Before I could give them an answer I wanted to know a few things and get a better understanding on what I will be getting myself into.

First thing you want to know is how much yo are getting paid

  • $17.49 per hour ($21.86 Saturday and $30.61 Sundays)
  • 38 hours a week (0800-1630)
  • Can still work in Food and beverage
  • And my days off with E.
All this sounds good but This also means that when the casual girls go home or get sent home because of budget this means I have to stay back and finish off what they didn't. 

Usually I would take it with no questions asked but I am not looking for a full time job as I am not planning on being her full time and forever. 

Still discussing it with E.

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 19
  • Places of Interest - None
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $94(Excluding Gas)
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 31.24
    • $ - $62.45
    • Places - Cradle Mountain


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