5 Dec 2013

Jewellery For a Cause - Epilepsy Action Australia

Each person has a Charity or Foundation they choose to donate to or support. I find it is a very personal decision and choice. This post is not to ask you to donate to my chosen foundation but to encourage you to choose a charity or foundation because each one of them needs our much needed support.

These bracelets I got from a website called Jewellery For a Cause (Click here). I found out about them thru my chosen Foundation - The Epilepsy Action Australia (Click here) Facebook page. 

Jewellery For a Cause is Australian and provides a wonderful way for us to raise awareness for causes and show your support for someone you love. The jewellery they sell raises money for charities with 20% of the sale of each piece of jewellery being donated to the very important cause it represents. In addition to looking good, its a great way to start a conversation of cause/s you support.

I am wearing 3 bracelets 2 Friendship Bracelets (Get yours here) and "Where there is Love" Bracelets (Get yours here). I found they weren't to expensive and considering 20% of the cost is going to use chosen cause.

I encourage you to visit the site and see if they work with your chosen Cause, Foundation or Charity and if not, why not try and get them to. 


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