1 Dec 2013

Instagram - November


Every month I choose my favourite photos I posted in the last month and share them with you. I also give you more of an idea what happened behind the photo.

Lets see what November had install for me -

  1. "A Timeless Present for E on our Wedding Anniversary" - I got E this 1923 pocket watch that has been made into a wrist watch. I am in love with this piece. Guess you can call me Wife of the Century getting him something like that. If you want to look at the website I got it from Click Here.
  2. "Loving my hair flip" - Well since I have chopped off all my hair I am slowly getting use to loving it again. First thing I am LOVING is this hair flip I get. 
  3. "Soup of the Day  - BEER" - E and I made a trip down Hobart to see one of our favourite bands when we were told the Tasmanian International Beerfest was going on. We had to pop in a have a few drinks before the big show
  4. "He is this __________ BIG!" - When we moved into our new spot. We had many skippys' visiting. 
  5. "Perfect Afternoon" - Since we left the mountain it has been nice to enjoy a bit of sunshine. This afternoon I got to enjoy a book and reabsorb Vitamin D.
  6. "Am I spoilt or what??" - E and I have a new place we like to visit in Coles Bay & this was my view one morning.


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