11 Dec 2013

Crater Lake Walk


 One of the days housekeeping didn't need me, I went on a walk in the national park with one of the girls Claudia who works in reception.

The walk was called Crater lake and is meant to take an hour and half, I did note it took us 3 hours in total - from leaving the lodge to returning back safely.

It was a cold afternoon walking in the snow, but it did not rain nor snow more. It was a pleasant cloudy day. With the snow still on the mountains you got to see each and every crack in the mountains surrounding this lake. We were told its not an actual crater but was caused by water over a few 1000 years. When the park first opened people use to keep their boats, canoe's and what in the boat sheds which is made of the king billy pine trees which your not allowed to chop down anymore in Tasmania. You can see why people choose the king billy pine trees as the shed is still standing after a few 100 years.

This park is just so beautiful, photo does it no justice I strongly encourage everyone to visit and do the walks because I don't think you will easily see anything like this around the mainland.

Claudia and I really enjoyed the walk and wasn't tiered after it so the walking in housekeeping is making me fit, or me not eating McDonalds' every second is the answer?? Guess we will never know.


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