27 Dec 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 26

Well I have accepted the full time offer in housekeeping.

I am not exited about this position but not complaining either. Its job and I do it and go home. I will see how it goes. There was a few things that happened while I was still deciding that made me worry about a few key issues but I have decided to keep out of it.

Lets see what happens in the weeks to come.

This is a week of working....

As you might remember, I started helping out in Food and Beverage. Well I tell you what!! I started while it was busy!! My Gosh!!

We had our first big snow fall (YAY) and that means everyone comes up to see it. Which means the Tavern is super busy and trying to learn things while its that busy really kept me on my toes and also gave me an understanding on how 'hectic' it really can get!!

Nothing really special happened so a short and sweet one this week

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 324
  • Places of Interest - 
      • BIG Wickets
      • BIG Coffee Pot
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $47.29 (Excluding Gas)
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 27.35
    • $ - $47.29
    • Places - Deloraine


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