2 Nov 2013

Instagram - October


Every month I choose my favourite photos I posted in the last month and share them with you. I also give you more of an idea what happened behind the photo.

Lets see what September had install for me -
  1. "We Call This Family" - Well this is my Stables Family. Yes I had to say goodbye and it killed me. Before E and I left we organised a family photo shoot with everyone in our house. This is one of my favourite.
  2. "Think E has been replaced!!" - We made a small trip to Sydney to visit family. My little Niece isn't so little anymore. Love her too bits
  3. "Just a 10kg chocolate bar for a quick snack" - E and I made a trip down to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Much more about it soon.
  4. "This Just Happens!" - I don't have my hair anymore.... Don't want to talk about it.
  5. "What a view from work" - We have moved and this is our new life - No more snow :(
  6. "Just Enjoying the nice green grass" - We got to traveled a bit before out new home location and we just love the camping environment. On a different note this was my first ever black and white filter on instagram.

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