4 Nov 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 17

This week has been full of serious conversations - E and I discussed the future and where we want to be in life, money and family life.

We both know that we would like to live on a farm one day where our kids can grow their own veggies and learn about the world thru playing in the mud and not worry about "All the BUGS". I want my kids to grow up with no worried of city life and traffic and realize what is really important in life - the people you hold close to your heart.

E and I discussed budget and money spending. We both, more E loves to just spend. I do go over board but tend to think ahead more so I don't really spend as much as i could, but E on the other hand ... Hmm tries! We're working on things - slowly.

Family - and we get this question more than I'd like to answer. E and I are only young and would like to know we can support our family comfortably. We both know that if we don't have enough money that It will cause stress on our relationship and we will then be part of our age statistic being devoured because "they got married to early". 

Gosh life is exiting but the stresses that is part of it makes you really work for it.

All that I remind myself is that this trip is there to make us work on our relationship for the better and no 'normal' couple don't fight.

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 451
  • Places of Interest - 
      • Devils Gullet
      • BIg Tasmanian Devil
      • Pencil Pine Falls
      • Knyvet Falls
      • Dinner with Thai Family

  • Paid Accommodation - Mole Creek Caravan Park ($25)
  • $$ Spent - $1763.40 (Excluding Gas)
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 83.28
    • $ - $55.48
    • Places -
      • Launeston
      • Sheffield

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