5 Nov 2013

Year 22

So I'm 22 and I feel like I am so much closer to 30 than I was the year before.

I remember birthdays being more exiting and now that I am older its not the same, we already have to deal with being old fart that dealing with no excitement for your birthdays is a bit to much.

Anyway - enough old people talk, I thought I'd share 22 facts about me

  1. I want a Beauty and the Beast library in my house one day
  2. I support the Epilepsy Action Awareness Foundation
  3. I don't always shave my legs (might be a few weeks before I feel like it)
  4. I don't like running somewhere but in one place is fine with me
  5. I have 2 rings I always wear and a necklace I never take off (al though its broken and needs fixing its still the one I will always wear)
  6. I am a very honest person - I have a very a guilty conscious 
  7. I go out of my way, to preserve memories (hence the blog and all the photos)
  8. I have OCD when it comes to organize'ing my make up (everything has a spot)
  9. I've never watched The Muppets
  10. I love scarfs and bags
  11. I am addicted to stationary shopping (even if I have 100's of pens or note books I will buy more)
  12. I get a trill of finishing product containers (I feel like I have achieved something by finishing my moisturizer bottle and/or toothpaste etc.)
  13. My childhood home burnt down when I was 11 and in lost everything besides the PJ's I was wearing at the time (still have them)
  14. I started a memory box when I was 12, so that in could remember as much of everything as possible. 
  15. E is my first real boyfriend and my first love and my first husband!
  16. I get cold easily and E will tell you how annoying it can be
  17. I love to have quick HOT showers (unless I'm doing my hair or shaving, it's a long shower)
  18. I don't like ice cream, nuts or chocolate.
  19. I don't cook at all (I get spoiled - E cooks for me)
  20. I'm a really stressed driver when I don't know what is going on around me. 
  21. I use to hate the color red- now I love it.
  22. I will put others needs in front if mine if I care for them.
This is a 22 random facts about me so you could know me better!

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