11 Nov 2013

Leven Canon


Welcome to the Leven Canon - we did get lost a few time on the way here but when we did finally get here it was worth the extra few kilometres we drove to get here.

Now as far as I understand is that this river you see at the bottom is part of Tasmania's water system and power system. Now I don't have any proof of all this but E's word and then again I might have misunderstood. Either way this is an important river. Its such a pity that Photo just doesn't show you exactly how massive this canon is and how far we are looking down or up from it.

First few photo is taken at the top of the Canon - we walked fro about 40 mins to get to the top of the canon and then that is where you can see how BIG this canon is. Then we took about 560 steps down to the bottom where you can see how far up we actually we're standing. 

Glad we did this. 


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