28 Dec 2016


A small town located about 30km away from Perth CBD, situated in the Perth Hills surrounded by bush land, national parks and reserves. Rich in history going back to 1827 when Captain James Stirling were looking for agricultural land. Fraser named it Darling Rages after Governor Darling. Then in 1840 timber cutter constructed a track to commute across the Darling Ranges to York. 

After about 40 years in 1883 Dr Alfred Waylen purchases some of the land and named his property 'Darlington' and started a vineyard (still here). After some years train lines and more people moved into the town by 1930 there was a need for a general store, tea room, post office, butcher shop and several churches. 

As you can see while we stayed in the tiny house E and I read up on the town and fell in love with all its history. 

If you are ever in the Perth Hills i recommend a stop and a small walk around (Read More Here).

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