12 Dec 2016

Planner - Cruise

You have guessed it - we are going on a family cruise!

I finally get to talk about it on here. Let me start with telling you the start, E and I have always wanted to go on a cruise and this year we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary, my parents 26 years so we both wanted to make a big deal of these millstones.

Saying all of this my grandmother will be celebrating her 70th on boxing day so we decided it will be the perfect idea to celebrate it all together. After agreeing and decided this will be our gift and big family trip, we started planning and pay for it in July 2015.  So this has been a very long hard secret to plan and make sure we don't spill the beans while talking with the family here and there who might tell on the big surprised.

We will fly to Singapore for a few days before the cruise will be leaving for 2 weeks stopping at 10 different placed over 5 countries.

Penang, Malaysia
Langkawi, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Nha Trang, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Bangkok, Thailand
Ko Samui, Thailand

We cannot tell you just how exited we are for this holiday and the memories we are going to make. Watch this space.

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