30 Dec 2016

Time Box

Time box on our wedding day.

Where our Time box lived most days

Not many know we had a time box ceremony on our wedding day, this is where E and I both decided to open this box on our 5th wedding anniversary. 

Today is that day! We waited so long and really mostly forgot about it until a few day ago. Knowing we are now finally opening it , its hard to not peep! 

When the time came E and I both pulled the ribbon and open the top to be surprised with goodies and kind words all together. We were surprised with my wedding shoes, a napkin chicken, our jars we used at the wedding, some bubbles (that still blowed) and tea lights! Then we both took a turns opening a letter our guests, family and friends wrote!

Maybe wished us well and gave us advised, while others showered us with some facts from our wedding year, while others predicted we would have kids by now, but mostly we were touched with kind words of love and wishing us all the happiness we have and more! 

I am so glad E and I decided to have a time box, not only if is fun to open but it made year 5 exiting and special! 

Here is to the next 5 years my Hassie!! 

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