2 Jan 2017

Instagram - December

  1. Here is to this beautiful ou mensie! Wishing her the biggest and fun filled year ahead! Ouma your 70th millstone is only the start of your golden years!
  2. Cambodian Beach days - A day we spent on the beach, stay tuned for our Hassie Cruise Adventure.
  3. Kota Kinabalu - One of the many markets we visited, this one particularly was like a maze to get around in. 
  4. Kuala Lumpar - Twin towers in KL, DONE!
  5. Ahoy Matey - The day the boat left and we finally got to sail away. 
  6. #Hassie_Cruise Here we come - before all the everything happened and we got to board the plane to Singapore. 

You know the drill by now @chante_cm11


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