4 Jan 2017

Looking Back at 2016

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

What an exiting it has been for us - we have finally been exposed to some world traveling and were loving it!! 

I don't know if I will even remember everything we have done this year!! Lest see...
  • Went on a cruise around South East Asia
  • Started planning our next adventure
  • Went to Fiji
  • Were on 7 different continent this year
  • Explored Cambodia
  • Explored Thailand 
  • Explored Vietnam 
  • Explored Malaysia 
  • Explored Singapore 
  • Celebrated our 5th Wedding anniversary.
  • Became God Parents to Little baby Owen.
  • Asked for a rent reduction and got it.
  • Made some wonderful friends and amazing neighbours
  • Went to Rottnest Island for my birthday
and so much more. Ill be adding to this post as I reflect and remember the great memories we made this year. 

Thank you 2016 you have been good to us.

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