6 Jan 2017

New Years Resolution 2016 - Review

Another year go and one to look back on and reflect - Lets see how well we did this year.
  • Continue with my Photo a Day - yes, Year 4 done and dusted. Its one of the things I am so proud of I can not explained. 
  • Make sure we have hassie time - Always spending some time together but as much as we are always with each other we are learning that 'Me' time is just as important.  
  • Have a exercise routine - Hmm, not quite. We will get there I am sure. 
  • Work to be debt free -  If all goes as well as it has we will be debt free by June !! We will celebrate until the sun comes up. 
  • Read (my age) 25 books - If not yes very close. I have been reading so many books but while working and driving around in the community I have been listening to some audio books. I know its somewhat cheating but you know what, Id rather be listening to something educational or a book instead of dead en repeating music stations. 
  • Make more active plans to travel overseas - Yes, yes, yes - We are planning our next adventure already and it will be a special one very close to both E and I. 
  • Go on mini adventures - I have not been so motivated but we have been trying to just go. 
  • Eat more conscientiously - This year E and I have been making more of a effort on where we buy our meals and menu items. 
  • Continue Save money to travel - Yes, we have just been on a cruise we have been planning for more that 18months. so we are doing things!! 
  • Be out in nature more - yes, yes and yesum. E and I have been going on walks more around our home and just leaving the house. Its been nice to get out and walk past the river and having some Hassie time. 
  • Be more adventurous - Maybe
8.5 Out of 11 is much better that what we have done previously.

Look Back:

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