9 Jan 2017

New Years Resolutions 2017

The year of more adventures and debt free!!

This is our 2017 - To Do:
  1. Continue with my Photo a Day - Yes, I know this one again but like I doing it and not planning on stopping anytime soon.
  2. Make sure we have hassie time - Some Hassie time but feel comfortable with having more 'Me" time. 
  3. Have a exercise routine - Lets hope this is the year!
  4. Work to be debt free - This is going to hopefully something of the past this year. I am exited for this.
  5. Read (my age) 26 books - I did quite well last year but adding one more book can always be more motivation or I can give up again.
  6. Make more active plans to travel overseas - We want to see more than what is at our disposal. Why not try and go to more places.
  7. Go on mini adventures - While waiting for BIG adventures lets try and joy mini adventures just out our door. 
  8. Eat more conscientiously - again be more aware where our food is coming from and be more aware what we are eating. 
  9. Continue Save money to travel - Saving money is always a bonus but having to save for travels makes life more exiting. 
  10. Learn a new language - We are hoping we can start some Japanese classes, so we can go to Japan and not worry about not speaking the language. 
  11. Be more adventurous - trying to do more physical things, like kayaking, hiking and maybe who knows something I can't even thing of. 
Lets Look Back:

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