1 Dec 2016

Instagram - November

  1. Best.Night.Ever - I will be writing about our best night singing barefoot on the beach singling loud while loosing our voice. 
  2. Love of my Life - You don't know how much he makes me laugh and makes me smile. 
  3. When the Neighbours fight an we're nosy as #apartmentlife - Photo kind explains it all... we like to listen in, this time she had enough of his shit".
  4. Kids in Ponchos - Part of our best night ever was dancing in our ponchos, barefoot in the sand.
  5. Your are my My Adventure - See he is my happy... always makes me laugh.
  6. HBD my Hassie - I love this old man and even more on his birthdays. 
You know the drill by now @chante_cm11

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