16 Dec 2014

Year 1 - Records

Oh my to think its really been 365 days where we have worked, played and explore together. We got to see somethings other may never see and experience parts of life some would strive their whole existence to achieve. 

While all of this was happening, I have been keeping record of just about everything. From every penny spent, meal ate, adventure explored and memory shared. 

Here is some facts for you. 

  1. Our 12th Month (Click here) of traveling we spend - $6830.57 while making our way from Tasmania to Sydney.
  2. Our 4th Month (Click here) of traveling we drove - 4258km driving all around Tasmania exploring its beautiful wonders.
  3. Our 2nd Month (Click here) of traveling we spend - $943.39 and 572.55L on Gas, traveling from Western Australia (Click here) to Tasmania (Click here).

Over all in our first year we traveling we drove 17,808km from Western Australia to Tasmania then up to Queensland (Click here)
Spend $33,285.37 on who knows what and filled our Van Gogh up with 2,775.26L that only cost us $4,339.21.

Then just as reference with is all the different gas station we filled up in the first year. Some we filled up more than just once.


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