20 Dec 2014

Bucket List

I'm sure you have seen many Bucket Lists and most likely have one of your own. E and I have started a "To Do List" of things one or both of us would like to do. As our list always seems to grow I wanted a spot where I can keep track of what has been done and still there to 'tick off'.

This is what we would like To Do and have done. 
  1. Attend Tropfest
  2. See the Great Barrier Reef
  3. Fly over the Heart in the Great Barrier Reef
  4. Visit the War Memorial
  5. See The 12 Apostles
  6. Attend Melbourne Cup day In Melbourne
  7. Attend a live of AFL
  8. Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge
  9. See Ullaroo
  10. See Aboriginal Art in Kimberly
  11. See the Horizontal Water Fall
  12. See the Deepest Lake in Austrlia (Lake St Claire)
  13. Go to the Northern Most Point of Australia
  14. Graffiti in Melbourne Streets
  15. Go to a Gold Coast Theme Park
  16. Visit the Queen Victorian Market
  17. See Kathrine Gorge
  18. Eastern Most Point of Australia
  19. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  20. See Wine Glass Bay
  21. Western Most Point of Australia
  22. Southern Most Point of Australia
  23. See Big Ben
  24. Replicate The Beatles Album Cover
  25. Ride in a Black Cab
  26. Go on the London Eye
  27. Sit on the second level of a Double Decor Buss
  28. See Buckingham Palace and The Queens Army
  29. Buy a book at Harrods
  30. Take the London Underground
  31. Sleep on the Beach
  32. Surfing Lesson
  33. Send a Letter in a Bottle
  34. Mardi Gras
  35. Play a game of Lawn Bowels
  36. Milk a Cow
  37. Ride a Elephant
  38. Donate my Hair
  39. Stand on the Equator
  40. Order Desert First
  41. Skydive
  42. Learn Sign Language
  43. Walk on a Frozen Lake
  44. Marry in Vegas
  45. Go to Japan
  46. Skinny Dip
  47. Climb a Mountain
  48. Go to the Olympics
  49. Go on a Cruise
  50. See a Symphony live
  51. See a Stand up Comedian
  52. Build a Kite and Fly it
  53. See The Northern Lights
  54. Stand On Antartica
  55. Have Children
  56. Go on a Sunrise Hot Air balloon ride
  57. Get a Tatto at the same time
  58. Have a Vegetable Garden
  59. Own our own property
  60. Rescue an Animal from the Shelter
  61. See my Grand children
  62. Donate Blood
  63. Try and See all the Big things in Australia
  64. Get Married
  65. Go Sailing
  66. Attend the Tomatina Festival
  67. Antoni Gaudi Church
  68. Casa Batllo
  69. Mosaic Building
  70. Leave a lock at the Love Lock Bridge
  71. Take the stair to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  72. See the Norte Dame
  73. Louvre
  74. Moulin Rouge
  75. Arc De Triomphe
  76. Coliseum
  77. Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain
  78. Push the Leaning Tower Back in place
  79. Place a letter on Juliet's Wall
  80. Travel on a boat thru the canals in Venice
  81. See the white house in Greece
  82. See the Ball drop in New York
  83. Go to the Top of the Empire State Building
  84. Hop Scotch on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  85. See the Hollywood sign
  86. See the Grand Canyon
  87. Kiss in Time Square
  88. See the Statue of Liberty
  89. See Niagara Falls
  90. See Mt Rush More
  91. Ride in a Yellow Cab
  92. Place a piece of gum on the Gum Wall in Seattle
  93. Eat Dumplings in China
  94. See the Xian Terracotta Army
  95. Skip on the Chinese Wall
  96. Be in China for Chinese New Year
  97. See Mt Everest
  98. Attend Holi Festival
  99. See the Tajme Hal
  100. Go on a  African Safari
  101. Climb Table Mountain
  102. Try wine in Stellenbosh
  103. See the Big 5 in South Africa
  104. See the Cape Town Caves
  105. Stand on ostrich eggs
  106. Ride an ostrich
  107. See the big Baobab Tree Bar 
  108. Celebrate the Day of the Dead
  109. Go to Lego Land
  110. Celebrate Rio Carnival
  111. Be Genuinely Happy
And I am sure there will be more to come.

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