8 Dec 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure - Year 1 (Week 52)




Welcome to Our Little Rabbit Hole. The one I hope to remember forever to come.

Argh you are going to get to so annoyed with me on how I will be going on and one about this beautiful heaven.
  • First photo is of our little cottage (Highly edited by E, which he doesn't really like to do) but gives you the over all idea of size and feel. Its not actually that big as we are sharing it with someone but the door has been blocked. 
  • As you walk in, you are met by the kitchen infant of you. I'd like to note that this little kitchen has no excused fan for 'smoke' when we cook. Therefore our fire alarm went off each time we would boiling the kettle and cooking dinner. By the end we just left the batteries out. (secret)
  • To your right you then have the bedroom/lounge area which was just what I want as I like to be in bed most of my life (reading, blogging, YouTubing) and now I can watch E cook dinner and TV from bed. PERFECT
  • The actual bed and I love the 2 windows entering the bed and our bed side tables (which I just dug out of the shed) so 'rustic'? I think it just works well with the old cottage feel.
  • Our walk in closet and 'dresser' with the best view by far. Looking over at the lodge and drive way you get to see 'everything'. Get little spot to just sit and relax while observing the few people we have on the mountain.
  • But lastly our view from the kitchen. This lovely 'Forrest'y" area is where the cow would gather most of the day. 
I will post a blog just about cows soon :) little obsessed with them.

Here is to our amazing travel adventures and to many more to come.

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 264
  • Places of Interest - Heaven
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - 789.49
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 24.08
    • $ - $36.29
    • Places - Toowoomba
Sub total: 
  • Km: 1478
  • $$food & accommodation: $2234.92
  • Gas:
    • Litters filled: 195.30
    • $: $295.35
    • Different places:
      • Warwick
      • Toowomba

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