12 Dec 2014

Year 1 of Hassie Australian Adventure

To think the photo was taken a year ago.

One year ago neither of thought we would be where we are, do what we have done and come out the other end smiling screaming "I want more". 

Looking back its been an amazing, exiting adventure and looking forward its only more exiting. To think we have been and down so much my brain is all mushed up. 

Although this day is significant E and I have been working, Congratulated ourselves and went on as if its just another day. 

Today has been a day of reflecting. I will put our thought down in the next few posts. Lets just take this day in and ponder on everything!

Happy first Year of 'Official" Hassie Australian Adventure. How bout you start reading from the very begging as just see how much we have really done. (Start Here)

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