15 Apr 2016


You and I have been growing close over the years. I thought we would get along and have somewhat a unwritten rule to not bother each other. I feel lately you have been a bully! You have pushed my buttons and pulled me to the edge. I feel you don't really care about how you make me feel and how you ruin my days! 

You make it hard to go out of the house, and live life. You make it hard to put on a smile when you only want me to cry. You make it difficult to be the young person I am when you make me feel old!! Why are you so mean? 

You know I don't like to numb you up with pain relieve or want to spend money to massage, adjust or stretch away but it's going to change. I need to show you who is boss and get ride of you! It's been to long and I've made you to strong!! 

Goodbye pain! We can't be friends anymore!!

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