1 Apr 2016

Instagram - March


  1. His new 'Hobby' - We have been give live culture from our great friends Nelson and Christina, so naturally E has been going crazy with baking bread. Saying this though, we had bread everyday for the first week. 
  2. Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair - While in Fiji, every morning we would be given flowers to place in our hair. E Choose this one for me.
  3. Its a hard knock life - Meet new baby Owen, as Newborns do - they sleep and well so did E.
  4. Days like this - While in Fiji we did a lot of sitting next to the pool reading and enjoying the sun.
  5. No Filter needed - Would you look at it!! Just look at it, Fiji you are so beautiful. 
  6. Vintage Swimsuit love - I got myself this winner of a swimsuit on boxing day sale and love it so much.

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