21 Feb 2017

Furmama River Front Hotel

We arrived in Singapore!! After finding our way to the hotel we quickly settled in and relaxed. A travel day really does take it out on you!

We got off the plane and everyone agreed to take the train to our hotel seeing its only a 15/20 min walk. remember when I told you everyone is hot tempered well the trip to the hotel... some quickly got hot and heavy! I almost wanted to arrange a family meeting. If you don't have a different idea or isn happy about what has been agreed on but didn't say anything - suck it up and move on. Make a plan and go with it , we are all adults do your thing! Family meeting didnt happen because taxi are cheap and kept everyone happy.

Right the hotel though - we had 2 rooms with 3 people in each. Ouma, myself and E and mum, dad and Anthony in the other. Little did we know we got the better one of the 2 rooms as we got to see over the city and towards marina bay. We have about 2 full days here before we get to board the boat.


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