20 Feb 2017

International Flight - Singapore

Second international flight but this time it's with the whole fam damn! So half the 'crew' is cancers so if your don't know, we have short tempers and can easily get annoyed - not a great start. 

We got to the airport 3 hours before like we are suppose to and the first argument was our selfie!! Yes the selfie infront of the departures sign!  First day and we are yelling already!! 

One the flight was full but quick, not much turbulence and plenty of food!! Before we got to Singapore we had to go in circles prior to landing due to some ?rain. 

After landing and sorting everyone we walled, walked and walked until going to customs the border where we got a new stamp in our passport. Yay another stamp!

As we went thru one at a time - I went first then E followed, E told me that the customs officer asked if I was 'his girl' where he replied 'yes she is my wife', thinking the worse seeing immigration is interrogating you or something to that degree. She then replied 'you guys have the same interest'. What a polite why to say we look different!!

Singapore we like you and you make us laugh! 


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