1 Feb 2017

Instagram - January

  1. If it doesn't add to your life, It doest belong in your life #illkeepthese - We did the corny cruise photos and get the family photos we got to do. Wait the post will come.
  2. Weeked away : Happy days - We went down south with the family over new years and we got to enjoy an old house across the Blackwood river. 
  3. Chilling like a villain - My brother and I sitting on a couch in Vietnam after what felt like a whole day walking. 
  4. Beached azzzz - Australia Day only spent the day it should be, at the beach after a hot day at work.
  5. Green - always makes me feel creative and ready to take on the day. 
  6. Tender ports has us all like - We ended up waiting an hours to get onto a tender boat. So naturally my family went to sleep. NOTE - my dad on the floor. 


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