17 Feb 2017

Before Our Hassie Cruise Adventure

Planning for this Cruise holiday has been so intense, seeing we have been planning and counting off the days since July 2015. 

Like all our other travels I keep records of everything and this is what we spent before we left. 

Flights - $2485.14
Hotel - $1575
Travel Insurance - $412
Cruise Ship - $5438
Gratuity- $728.43
Excursion - $210
On Board Credit - $2000
Vaccination - 1288.90
Travel Cash -$596.38

Total - $14733.85

The excitement, months and weeks leading up to it is harder as we can’t post or count down seeing that my nan didn’t know we had this all organised for her. Saying that now that we are going, I'm exited but also feels like I'm having a out of body experience!  

18months of talking about this holiday, is like actually now happening.


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